Writing Prompt Wednesday


Hello Writers,

The three writing prompts for the day (December 17th) are listed below. Choose one of the prompts and post your response in the “leave a comment” section.

Writing prompts are a great way to practice your writing, share your creations, and to see how other writers think. Remember to add emotions, describe the scenes, use your senses (smell, sight, taste, touch, & hearing), be descriptive, and don’t hold back. 

Today we are going to be doing freelance writing. Freelance writing is a writing style where the writer just flows with the thoughts that come to mind. The purpose of this writing experiment is to free the mind of restrictions, constraints, and judgement. With freelance writing, you are allowed to express whatever flows. So don’t worry about editing or sounding “right”. Just let it flow, and most of all – have fun!

1. Write in freelance style about ambiguity. 

2. Write in freelance style about hatred.

3. Write in freelance style about love.

I chose writing prompt # 3. 

Consuming all encompassing passionate vibrations

A baby’s first smile

Feelings of never-ending pleasure

A fresh cup of coffee

Slippers on the feet

The moonlight watching me as i watch it

Free-flowing thoughts

A cool summer’s breeze

Soul-shaking love-making that brings me down to my knees

The path of least resistance

That moment of peace

That fire in the heart

Everything all at once perfectly understood

The melting away of years of trauma and pain 

Eyes that light up when they see you – like a son’s or a daughter’s

Fearlessness in the night

Peace and rise of the soul

Openness and receptivity

Allowing the unknown to unfold

Love – a strange thing – some dare not open to it because of the hurt and pain that it has once caused, but you can’t deny the feelings of it when its true, right, and on time

An understood glance

Watchful eyes

A song in the heart

Moved about through life’s current effortlessly, easily, and spoiled-rottenly in love

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Ready, Set, Go!

finished-heart Nay


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