Two Kinds Of Fear


I came across a video where Tara Sophia Mohr was speaking about her favorite teaching about fear.

In the video Tara explains that she learned that there are two different types of fear.

Pachad (the fear of projected or imagined things) – this type fear is where we see threats and dangers that are not really there and Yirah (the fear-like feeling we feel when we are touching the sacred) – this type of fear is the fear we feel when we are inhabiting a larger space that we are use to.

It took me by surprise to hear the new “Yirah” definition of fear. I had never thought about fear in that way, although I had experienced it before, and still do.

I felt it when writing my book Journey Through Sattara. I kept feeling like the book was bigger than me, and like it came from a huge source because it just flowed through me.

I felt it when I started my blog and started putting my feelings, experiences, and heart out on the line. The small in me wanted me to just be quiet.

I still feel it sometimes when I offer my time and services by translating the energy of my spirit guides Ray.

The part of me that is use to being quiet, stepping on eggshells, and asking for permission, cannot fathom such an open and free form of expression. I’ve experienced both types of fears, but the “Yirah” form of fear is the one I seem to be encountering the most on my journey as an intuitive guide.

I am being asked in this intuitive work to lay my rational mind to the side, to believe in miracles and synchronicity, to trust my gut, and not the statistics. It’s not easy considering that we are brought up to use history and numbers as fact and not our natural drives and instincts.

The divine in us wants us to loosen up, allow more, feel more, experience more, and that’s a lot to take in for our more reserved, structured-based personalities. 

Have you recognized this type of new fear (Yirah) in your life as you’ve moved towards your dreams or towards new life experiences?

If so, tell us about it in the comments section.

It takes some practice to get use to the divine within you, but it’s possible. Everyday you just have to remind yourself that you are here to show your divine nature. It’s welcomed and encouraged, and you don’t have to rush it.

Just relax into your new sense of freedom and love, and after a while the sense of Yirah will begin to fade away.

Thanks for reading!

Renee B.

Intuitive Guide 

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Divine Assistance – At Your Service – Ask Away

spirit guides

It’s a beautiful thing to link with the answers that you have been seeking.

Ray (my spirit guides) and I, are thrilled to have this opportunity to interact with you. So what’s on your mind?

What do you love, and what’s holding you back from doing it?

Are you struggling with your self worth?

Do you have questions about the divine in general?

No matter what it is, you can ask away. Submit your questions today via the Instagram Post, and you will receive a response directly from Ray.

I can’t wait to see what interesting topics come up! Feel free to tag someone via the IG Post if this is an interaction they might enjoy. Thanks for participating!

Renee B.

Intuitive Guide & Inner Work Specialist

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Soul Guidance – Finding Your Way Home

Soul Quote

Soul Goodies

So ummm yea… I am working on my new book and it’s titled “Soul Guidance – Finding Your Way Home“. I am in a very good mood today and I love the way the book is unfolding. I thought it would be nice to share some of what your soul has to say to you – so – enjoy!

Snippet From The Chapter Titled: What Is Your Soul?

Your soul is the part of you that is compassionate because it knows what it feels like to be hurt. Your soul is the part of you that understands because it knows what it feels like to be misunderstood. Your soul is the part of you that listens because it knows what it feels like to be heard and to also not be heard.

Snippet From The Chapter Titled: Listen To Your Soul’s Whispers

Your soul is not judging you. It’s not in the business of making you feel bad or feel regrets. Your feelings are just that – feelings. Nothing more. Your feelings are no more the entire make up of you than a droplet of water is the ocean.

Snippet From The Chapter Titled: The Stability Of Your Soul

You ask for mercy from God – yet you refuse to show it to yourself. You ask your loved ones to forgive you – yet you refuse to forgive yourself. You ask to be seen and heard – but yet you refuse to give attention to your most tender requests.

Snippet From The Chapter Titled: Where Is Your Soul Guiding You?

Your soul is guiding you home. Home is the place inside of you where you feel most at peace with yourself. It’s where you can be all of yourself – all of the time.

Home is the place where your heart resides. Where you love what you do and how you do it. Where you take the time to take care of what you have. It’s where you can drop your bags and your burden, and stand with arms wide open.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it. If you had one question to ask your soul (the benevolent, omnipresent, multi-dimensional, intelligent beingness of you) – what would it be?

Drop your question in the field below.

This book is being created because the best of me and the best of you knows that we are seeking answers to the burning questions we have about our true selves. Isn’t it wonderful to know that your soul is ready to gift you the answers that you seek? So don’t be shy. If you have a question – ask it!

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Soulful Sunday

Golden Sunrise

There Is Nothing Like Feeling The Depth Of Your Spirit When You’re Creating.

Inspiration flows from you like a water fountain and you can barely contain yourself as you allow your truest expression to flow out into the world.

I would like to share a work of art with you that was created from an open heart.

Mother Father God was created from a place of pure love. It’s a keepsake for mending the broken hearted. When you read each passage you will feel the love from which the words were scripted.

It’s amazing how the Great Spirit worked through me to help me create a book that can heal the soul. If you have ever wondered what God (The Great Spirit, The Divine, Source, The Universe) feels for you – this is the book for you.

Take A Look At Some Of The Passages Below From Mother Father God.


Rest assured that our love for you is steadfast, immovable, and irreplaceable. Our love is so grand that we have to show it to you in increments. With every breath that you take, know that we are there. We are speaking to you, through your breath to say we love you.

Sit with us for a few moments dear child and let your cares fall away. We know that you feel you have so much to do, and so many people to please. Sit with us for a few, and let the burden that is on your heart melt away.

Sit comfortably within our presence. We are one.

Excerpt From: Mother Father God Chapter 1


You are not other people’s expectations. You are not your past failures. You are not your negative thoughts. You are not your mistakes. You are not your flaws nor fears. You are not any of that. If you would drop those things for just a few moments you would notice absolute peace. That peace is the place where creation starts. That peace is the place where the spontaneity of our energy can spark. Together we bring new meaning to life.

Excerpt From: Mother Father God Chapter 8


You think we cannot be reached. You think we judge what you do. You think in the darkest of nights and the lowest of days we are nowhere to be found. We want you to know that before you even went into your room to cry, or within your four walls to hide, or underneath your covers to shield yourself, we were right there. We were there encouraging you to stand within our energy.

Excerpt From: Mother Father God Chapter 10


We Are The Best Of You. We are the surety in your steps. We are your confident stride. We are your bright ideas. We are the wellness of your body. We are the beat within your heart. We are the poise in your character. We are the light that shines from you.

Excerpt From: Mother Father God Chapter 11

I Believe That We Are All Connected

If you are reading this post, it’s because you were meant to read it. There is something in this book that is calling you. It’s uplifting, inspiring, carefully crafted, and meant to reach to the depths of your soul.

To order your copy direct from me (the author) just click the Mother Father God Icon Below. You will be directed to a website where you can purchase your copy today via PayPal.

Mother Father God E-Book

You will receive the EPUB and a PDF file via email after your PayPal payment is received. The E-Book will be emailed to the same email address used for your PayPal order. If it is past 10 pm EST please allow until the following business day to receive the E-Book via email.

Thank you so much for supporting my work. I hope you like reading Mother Father God as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you prefer to donate instead – visit the Author Support page and follow the instructions under $ Monetary Donations $. Once your PayPal donation is received the Mother Father God E-Book will be emailed directly to the email address used in your PayPal order.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday


Hello Writers,

The three writing prompts for the day (November 5th) are listed below. Choose one of the prompts and post your poem or short story in the “leave a comment” section.

Writing prompts are a great way to practice your writing, share your creations, and to see how other writers think. Remember to add emotions, describe the scenes, use your senses (smell, sight, taste, touch, & hearing), be descriptive, and don’t hold back. 

1. You’ve come face to face with God in the afterlife… write a short story about the encounter.

2. There’s a letter left on your doorstep by an anonymous individual telling you to meet him or her in the park after dark… write a short story about the encounter.  

3. You’ve come face to face with an alien from another planet. The only way the alien communicates is through symbols and hand gestures. Write a short story about the encounter.

Thank you for checking out Writing Prompt Wednesdays. Click here to share your entry. If you prefer to share your short story or poem on your own blog, just add the words “Writing Prompt Wednesday” to your post and link back to this post.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Day 3: Living From The Heart

Day 3

Starting It Off

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8.

I asked several questions yesterday in my |||Day 2: Living From The Heart Article|||. One of the questions that I asked had to do with self worth. I asked, “what is your real worth?” Meaning, what makes people feel valuable? What were we created for? That question had been on my mind for a few days and I decided to open it up to the universe and the readers to see what feedback I would receive. The universe responded to that question by giving me tidbits of information in relation to that very same subject.

By “accident” (there are no accidents), following the information of a dream I had, I came across a video of Oprah Winfrey speaking with a famous author named Toni Morrison. In the video Toni Morrison was speaking about children and how they know your real feelings for them. Not by the what you say, but by how you feel when they are around. She asked a simple question; does your face light up when your children enter the room?

That question sparked an aha moment in Oprah. She responded by saying, “that is how you learn what your value is. Not by what the person is saying to you, but what you feel.” She then, at the end of the video, apart from Toni said, “that is why for so many many years I was a kid with low self esteem. Because nobody’s face or eyes lit up when I entered the space.”

That Was A Part Of The Answer

I totally can relate to that statement. In the article from yesterday I also mentioned that I need to fit in, I need to feel wanted. It is so true. I need to feel validated in some kind of way. Apparently, I am not the only one that feels that way. The video above is one way that the universe answered my question. I turn it back over to you. What is your real worth? What are your ideas on that topic?

I am very excited that the answers to our questions come in many different forms. We just have to be willing to listen for the cues and follow our instincts. That is not the only synchronicity that I experienced throughout my day. There were a few more synchronicities that went right in line with the same topic. It just proves that there is something bigger than us. Whether you call that something God, the universe, or infinite intelligence, it is aware of our questions, and would love to provide answers in a way that we connect with.

Some Inspirational Quotes

I want to share a couple of quotes with you…

You are worthy of being your own best friend. {T.D. Jakes}

What you seek is seeking you. {Rumi}

These quotes are so true. Nothing shifts until you shift. Nothing is answered until you ask. It doesn’t matter if you ask quietly or loudly. It only matters that you ask. The {All That Is} is asking that we dig a little deeper, open our heart, and step out on faith. Once we do that, the answers will then present themselves to us.

Even as I script this post I don’t know all that I am going to say. I have some kind of idea, yes. I even write down bits of insight, but I don’t know all that I am going to say until I actually move through each section. It unfolds to me in the way it needs to be said so that the message can get across best to those who can hear it the fullest.

The One Thing I Never Doubt

If there is one thing that I never lose faith about, it is the fact that there is something bigger than me. There is a source that knows my every nook and cranny. My personal flaws, my emotional turmoil, and the times when my heart lights up with joy. I hope one day I can know it as intimately, attentively, and personally as it knows me.

Sometimes I don’t know how to make life work for me and I must admit that I get pretty stubborn and cry-babyish when things aren’t going my way. I think that when I breathe and settle down however, grace steps in and answers the call. Sometimes I feel like a failure because I don’t fit into specific molds, but I think that very same omniscient presence is whispering, “You aren’t supposed to fit anyone else’s mold. You, yourself, are your own being.”

Sticking It Out

There is no shortage of inspiration. If one idea or one way doesn’t work there’s another idea, and another, and another. Most artists don’t start out doing their very “own” thing. They are always being compared to others or called a wannabe *insert the author’s name here* or a wannabe *insert the musician’s name here*. It’s only in letting go of what we think we should be that allows grace to step in and transform us into the person that it knows we are. So don’t ruin your spirit and artistry by comparing yourself to others and if others say you are a wannabe, turn and walk away. Everyone gradually evolves into the people they are meant to be. Keep your faith, find your value, and share that with the world.

New Inspiration

A new idea sprung from listening to those videos, my love of beautiful things, books, writing, and vintage things. I am going to build a home – online of course – where I can really show my love for writing. It’s going to be a home where I can show quotes, pieces of my writing, and beautiful photos that inspire and uplift. I am not sure how this will unfold but I know that it is going to be beautiful. Here is a collage that shows the essence of the new site.


It’s going to be a place where I can fall in love with language, writing, and the make-up of story telling. It inspires me just to think about the beauty of it. I hope you come by and visit once it’s up and running.

In Closing

It’s a cold night out. That put on some thick socks, curl up with a warm blanket, and hot cup of tea before bed kind of night. As I drift to sleep tonight thinking about the new beautiful space I am going to create, I will keep you {the reader} in mind. Let me know what you would like to see on the site. If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas leave a message below.

Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting, and following my blog!

finished-heart Nay


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you enjoy your day! I wish you laughs, love, fun, family time, and blessings!

I Am Thankful For:

  • Breathing
  • My Niece
  • My Mom, Sister, & Significant Other
  • Having Food
  • A Healthier Body
  • Games
  • Laughs
  • Differences
  • Unexpected Show Ups
  • A Home
  • A Bed
  • Making It Through Tough Times
  • My Dreams
  • Being Able to Read & Write
  • The Ability To Change
  • Forgiving & Forgiveness
  • Release & Relief
  • Losing Weight
  • Possibilities
  • Prayer
  • Joyful Moments

Just a few things I am thankful for.

finished-heart Renee