Hooked On The Jones


First Publication: January 2013

Second Publication: November 2013 (New Cover Art)

Format: Ebook (Amazon Kindle)

Content Rating: “R” – For 17 and Older


Leslie, a 25-year old driven female, is stepping back out into the corporate world after the tragic loss of her mother and father. Armed with just her confidence, wits, and determination she embarks on a new journey at PRIME magazine (a magazine distributed by a publishing company named Penstar). This magazine features top-notch men who divulge the sometimes-grimy details of their lives and the means to their successes.

When she encounters her boss, Mr. Jones (a 45-year old successful business man), a fire is ignited in her that cannot be put out. Not only is she obsessed with landing her own cover story; she comes face to face with the man that she knows is going to make it happen for her. His intoxicating, dominant, irresistible character is exactly what she is looking for in a cover story. She is sure this man has a story to tell, and she wants to be the one who has him spill it all. Little does she know… this man is going to satisfy more than just her craving for the top spot in her career.

It’s a sexy novel that is sure to have you reconsider mixing business with pleasure.

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