A Lil About Me

||| I’m A Soul Writer |||

meaning i write from the soul

||| Self-Published Author |||

||| Intuitive Guide & Energy Translator |||

||| Mother |||

||| Blogger |||

Digging Deeper

||| Core Values |||

security, abundance, comfort, discovery, truth, openness, respect, efficiency, my son & significant other, genuine relationships, loyalty, grace & ease, ecstasy

||| Core Desires |||

soul-shaking intimacy, financial security, to feel love & respect, to unveil my inner goddess, to feel nurtured, freedom of expression, to be grateful, to feel inspired everyday

||| My Reason For Living |||

to inspire, to ignite, to heal, to add beauty, to penetrate to your core, to dig, to feel, to find, to uncover treasures, to reveal truth

My Books

||| For Adults Only & The Bedroom |||

read hooked on the jones

||| For Adventure |||

read journey through sattara

||| For Those Looking For A Word From God |||

read mother father god

||| For The Spiritual Seeker |||

read perfect feedback

||| For The Spiritual Questioner |||

read source wants you to know this

||| For The Dreamer In You |||

read dawn breaking through the darkness

How To Contact Me

||| Direct Emails |||



My Websites

Spirit & Muse

Author Renee Brooks @ WordPress

Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Renee,
    Reading your blog was a treat. I do hope to visit your site again and again. Your words are certainly “food for thought.”


  2. Hi, lovely to find a blog that resonates with me so much. Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your inspiring and helpful advice. Blessings from a blogger in Australia.

    • Hi Miriam ~ I’m so glad that you resonate with what’s here! I love to piece these articles together and to share what I have experienced and know, so I appreciate the compliment. It helps me to know that I am connecting. Thanks a bunch!

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