Put On Your Crown


The New Year’s Almost Here.

It’s time to put on your crown – if you haven’t done so already.

Put on your crown means to no longer play small. It means to trust yourself. It means to trust your gifts and to recognize the value that you add to this world.

It’s Time.

Here are a couple of free goodies to help you align with the energy of the new year.

Download Your 2017 Daily Alignment Guide & Your Release & Allow Meditation created by Ray (my spirit guides) and I.

Have you ever saw the truthbomb below from Danielle LaPorte?



It’s true. Your Soul is rooting for you. Your Soul essence is always there for you to tap into. In essence, you are this grand, light-hearted, radiant, powerful being – even when you feel like you’re not.

For 2017, You Have Permission To Stand In That Essence Fully.

  • No more apologizing for being who you are or for doing things the way that you do them.
  • No more shrinking and playing small to please others.
  • No more hiding.

No More Masking Your Emotions Or Your Feelings.

Feel them fully – you’re human. They will flow through you like water & disappear as quick as you’re able to let them go.

No More Overwhelm.

You can pause. You can rest. You can say no. You can take the time to feel your way through life.

No More Feeling Lost.

You know exactly who you are and what you want ~ open up to it. You no longer have to feel ashamed of what you desire for your life. You’re not lost. You’re just not giving yourself permission to go after what you really want – for whatever reason.

You’re being encouraged to let that go. 

No More Focusing On All The Negative Things That Can Go Wrong In A Situation.

The Infinite is extremely creative, and your issues can be reworked in an instant. Trust that, and pray to receive guidance for the easiest way to find your solutions.

You’re a powerful being. In essence, you already are – all that you want to become. 

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Don’t be afraid to release the old. It’s time to let all of that stuff go.

New energy awaits you.

There are solutions that come with that new energy. There are new creative ideas that come with that new energy. There is more abundance than you can imagine – coming with that new energy.

Let’s move into 2017 with confidence, grace, and positive expectation. 

Are you ready for a great year? I hope that’s a YES. Wishing you joy, breathtaking moments, and more love than you’ve ever felt.

Happy New Year!

Live Well & Keep Creating!

Renee B.

Intuitive Guide

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What are you looking forward to releasing in the new year?

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A 10-Minute Technique For Clearing Your Energy Field

clearing your energy field

As an Intuitive Guide, I’m very sensitive to the energy that’s around me.

Sometimes just walking into a crowd of people can leave me feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally drained.

How about you?

I learned that I had to find ways to protect, ground, and clear my energy field, and I want to share this quick & effective technique with you.

It’ll take about 10 minutes of your time, but it’s sooooo worth it. You’ll feel lighter, clearer, and more grounded as you move through your day.

Here’s a 10-minute technique for clearing your energy field.

101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017


Can You Believe 2016 Is Almost Over?

It flew by ~ for me. How about you?

I look at my son nowadays and ask myself, where did the time go? He’s two years old already! It feels like just yesterday I was headed to the hospital to give birth to him. It’s been two years, and he’s grown so much.

It also feels like “we blinked” and this year was over.

For 2016, My Core Desired Feelings A.K.A CDFs Were:


Aligned: Meaning One With My True Spirit

Fulfilled: Meaning Satisfied With Where I Directed My Energy

& Overflowing: Meaning So Fulfilled That My Joy Spilled Over

Danielle LaPorte, the creator of The Desire Map & the creator of core desired feelings, has inspired me so much. From her truthbombs, to her wisdom, to her giving heart ~ she truly has helped me on my journey. So it’s a joy for me to share this list with you.

I’ve Put Together A List Of 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017.

If you’ve started to think about your CDFs already ~ here’s a little help for you. As you’re reading the list ~ it may spark something within. Let me know which ones you resonate with.

Here Are 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017

  • 1 Intentional
  • 2 Valued
  • 3 Guided
  • 4 Flexible
  • 5 Relevant
  • 6 Prosperous
  • 7 Welcomed
  • 8 Magnetic
  • 9 Capable
  • 10 Heart-Reaching
  • 11 Overflowing
  • 12 Untangled
  • 13 Emergent
  • 14 Beaming
  • 15 Radiant
  • 16 Weightless
  • 17 Connected
  • 18 Strong
  • 19 Expansive
  • 20 Free
  • 21 Transformed
  • 22 Purposeful
  • 23 Easy-Going
  • 24 Light-Hearted
  • 25 Ready
  • 26 Receptive
  • 27 Creative
  • 28 Organic
  • 29 Masterful
  • 30 Fluid
  • 31 Electric
  • 32 Majestic
  • 33 Unstoppable
  • 34 Limitless
  • 35 Gracious
  • 36 Infinite
  • 37 Cosmic
  • 38 Graceful
  • 39 Unforgettable
  • 40 Fluent
  • 41 Conscious
  • 42 Open
  • 43 Sensual
  • 44 Grounded
  • 45 Rooted
  • 46 Attractive
  • 47 Generous
  • 48 Magical
  • 49 Trailblazing
  • 50 Ecstasy
  • 51 Euphoric
  • 52 Intuitive
  • 53 Cleansed
  • 54 Expressive
  • 55 Vivacious
  • 56 Joyous
  • 57 Nourished
  • 58 Crowned
  • 59 Home
  • 60 Welcoming
  • 61 Peaceful
  • 62 Compassionate
  • 63 Inspiring
  • 64 Electrifying
  • 65 Influential
  • 66 Passionate
  • 67 Flourishing
  • 68 Tuned-In
  • 69 Effervescent
  • 70 Shimmering
  • 71 Starry-Eyed
  • 72 Dreamy
  • 73 Lavish
  • 74 Zest
  • 75 Blossoming
  • 76 Affluent
  • 77 Clever
  • 78 Warm-Hearted
  • 79 Warm
  • 80 Glowing
  • 81 Fascinating
  • 82 Mesmerizing
  • 83 Liberated
  • 84 Golden
  • 85 Elevated
  • 86 Luscious
  • 87 Insightful
  • 88 Feisty
  • 89 Enterprising
  • 90 Assertive
  • 91 Hired
  • 92 Blessed
  • 93 Adorned
  • 94 Showered
  • 95 Brilliant
  • 96 Proactive
  • 97 Imaginative
  • 98 Expectant
  • 99 Philanthropic
  • 100 Lucrative
  • 101 Timeless

Well There You Have It – 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017

That’s quite the list, right?

So tell me, which ones above resonate with you?

Some Of My Favorites Are:

  • Cosmic
  • Welcomed
  • & Light-Hearted

I haven’t narrowed down my top 3 (for 2017) yet, but they’ll come to me.

I have a little tip for you that may help you decide your CDFs easier.

Pick the 3 areas of your life that are the most important to you, and then pick a feeling for each area of life. That will be your 3 Core Desired Feelings for 2017.

I hope this list helps you align with how you want to feel. Setting an intention is so powerful & so important. Decide how you want to feel, and move in the direction of it.

Live Well & Keep Creating!

Renee B.

Intuitive Guide

Share Your Truth

Which feelings (from the list above) inspire you?

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Share Your Insight Mompreneurs


Hello Mompreneur. What An Honor It Is To Have You Here.

I know you’re busy tending to your business and other responsibilities, and I just want to say thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to be here.

I Need Your Help.

I’m reaching out to you to ask – how do you do it?

How do you find the time & balance to grow your business, share your art, and make sure your child/children get what they need too?

I’m at a stage right now where the urge is stronger than ever to do what I love and honor my business dreams. The challenge however, is that I have a two-year-old running around – all day long – until his head hits the pillow. He is quite active.

I love my son, and he’s one of my greatest teachers, but I can’t seem to find the space to honor my other goals/dreams without feeling guilty or like I’m doing something wrong by pursuing other interests.

Also, he demands ALOT of my attention. He wants me all to himself (I’m sure other moms can relate).

So Mompreneur, How Do You Do It?

I’m his caretaker, and daycare is out of the question right now.

If I leave my goals aside to just tend to him – I feel unfulfilled, and if I put my time & attention into growing my business – I feel guilty.

All of you mompreneurs are doing such a great job by following your passion & putting your heart out there. I notice, and have even reached out to some of you to let you know. You really do make a difference in the world, and I would like to do the same.

So can you share some of your tips/advice with me and other moms who are starting out with their businesses? It takes alot of time and attention to grow a business and to raise a child.

So, How Did You Do It?

  • Did you feel the guilt?
  • Did you have to adopt new beliefs and push through certain times?
  • What made you keep going even when doubt and fear crept in?

You can share your insight in the comments below, or if you have an article that you’ve written that relates to this subject, feel free to add a link in the comments. I would love to get your take on this issue. In a future post, I’ll compile a list of these comments as a “guide to balancing motherhood and business – from the experts”.

I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say – your heart’s desires are not going to go away, and I’m reaching out to you because you’ve been through it, and I really value your opinion. Thanks in advance for your insight.

Live Well & Keep Creating!

Renee B.

Creator Of Spirit & Muse

P.S. If you have some time and you’re looking for a good laugh, check out “7 Things A Mother Of A Toddler Wants But Would Never Ask For”. The list was created in fun, and I’m sure alot of moms can relate to the list.

Share Your Insight

How have you balanced motherhood and entrepreneurship?

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Burn Fears Burn

Burn fears burn.

Burn tears burn.

Burn lies burn.

You were never meant for me anyway.

I housed you, gave you shelter, let you reside in my space for way too long.

That’s why I’m being reduced to nothing; I was put together all wrong.

Renewal is coming.

Out of the ashes I will rise.

From behind the shadows I will emerge ~ with my wings spread ~ ready to fly. 


The Soul Always Knows What To Do


Yes, the soul does know.

The question is… are we listening to what it’s telling us to do?

We all do it from time to time ~ you know (ignore the signs), but they will keep coming up as gentle reminders of exactly what you need to do to heal and move forward.

If you’re someone ready to let go, release limiting thoughts, and embrace the new ~ try the Free 10-Minute Inner Harmony Guided Meditation.

No sign-up needed. It’s yours for free, just be sure to let me know how it works for you.


Renee B.

Creator Of Spirit & Muse

Image Credit: Unsplash.com | Zé Zorzan