Music For Your Muse

Music For Your Muse

Do You Have A Song For Your Muse?

I sure do.

Music is one of the tools that I use when moving into my creative state. 

It’s alot easier to write a scene when you are right there feeling the same feelings that pertain to that scene.

Music also allows me to visualize the scenes more vividly. When I was writing my book Hooked On The Jones, the song “Spoiled” by Joss Stone put me right in the mood I needed to be in to write certain chapters.

When I was writing Journey Through Sattara, The song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons provided the heart-pounding beat that I needed to conjure the feelings of triumph and power.

The Song That I Chose For My Overall Muse Is “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware

This song explains the relationship between my Muse and I perfectly. The ups and downs, the walking away and then coming back, the frustration, the feeling of great joy to have found what I love to do, and also the feeling of great sadness when I can’t express how I really want to. This song gets me every time. It’s almost as if my craft is speaking to me and telling me to dedicate myself to it fully. Like it’s telling me to breathe it, live it, and be it.

So what’s your favorite music for your muse? I would love to hear what song explains the relationship between you and your muse.

Thank you for reading!

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Day 2: Living From The Heart

Day 2

Posting A Little Early

Well, the day is not quite over, but I am doing my post a little early. Someone told me in the sweetest way today that I am on the computer too much. LOL. With that said… here I am – for a little while – then I must go.

I want to share some things with you today. I thought about this question yesterday… What is your real worth? Is it your beauty? Your profession? Your spirituality? What really makes you worth something in this world? Is it what we believe or hope for? Is it the dreams inside of us that we somehow bring to reality? I think if everyone could find what their true worth is (the reason they were specifically created) this world would be much happier. I open this question up to the readers. What is your real worth? Why do you believe you were created?

Do you believe that you were created to just be? If so, why are so many running around trying to fit into groups and different areas of life. Is there something wrong with just being? Why are people so afraid to be without? Why do people (including myself), hang on to labels, professions, and what other people think?

I open these questions up to the universe, and as soon as I find anything even remotely close to an answer, I will share it with you. I think that if we had those answers, we would be happier and more content. I just look at the world sometimes and feel like underneath all of those rosy smiles, pretty pictures, and Instagram shots we are suffering. There is a part of us that is crying out for something authentic and pure that we can’t seem to find. There are answers to our mysteries. If there weren’t any answers to those questions, I wouldn’t be able to pose the questions.

The Journey I’m On

Perhaps this is the journey that I am embarking on. This seems to be the period where life is stripping me naked. I am reluctantly throwing away all of my preconceived notions and getting my ass tossed around by the universe just to stand vulnerable and without an ounce of belief left in any one particular thing. I feel like I am standing in the shivering cold with no one around that hears or helps me. I am in the darkest part of my soul screaming for the light. I think to myself sometimes, what if there is no light? What if you remain unknown? What if this is all there is? What if no one ever answers the call? Could you find a way to be 100% comfortable with just yourself as you are. Snot nosed, tears pouring down your face, naked, and vulnerable. Right now the answer is no. I need my clothes. I need to fit in. I need to belong. I need to feel wanted and attractive. I need the authority figures to see me as Precious (the nickname granted to me by my grandmother) and untainted. I need that in my life.

I am however searching for the moment of freedom when I don’t need any of that. It’s not right now. Right now comfort and security is all I know. Never mind that it is a twisted, manipulative, bonded kind of comfort. That doesn’t matter. The thought that I may be seen as unruly, unimportant, or irrelevant to this world at large in some kind of way is much more daunting than stepping outside of my comfort zone.

It’s Just Me Ranting A Bit

Call this a rant if you will, but it’s just my way of showing the world how my mind works. I have a billion unanswered questions. So many things pent up inside. The basis of some spiritual worship tells us not to ask questions, but I have always been inquisitive. I remember when I was younger. I ran around snooping, looking in peoples’ stuff, tattle telling. I was a bit of a problem for any parent that just wanted their child to be quiet. Oh trust me, I did what I was told, but it didn’t last long. Lol. I was always right back into the next thing. I had so many questions then, and that part of me still lives on. Only thing is, when I was younger, the questions didn’t seem to weigh so heavy on me.

I could just say, “eh” when I didn’t receive an answer and move on to my next mystery. It’s different now. I hate to see people suffering. I dislike with a passion to not be able to help those closest to me that need help. I cannot stand when those close to me come to me crying because they can barely make ends meet to pay their monthly bills. The world at large is screaming out for something that money cannot buy however… I just don’t know how to fill the holes that people have in their heart. I can start to ask questions though.

Music Defining Emotion

I listened to a powerful song today. I am sure a lot of you have heard Beyonce sing Listen. I know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding Beyonce and her family, but one thing I cannot deny is her musical talent. This song just sends shivers down my spine. I don’t even know what is so deep inside me that makes me want to shout this song out from the rooftop, but she sings the words that I can’t find. I feel a power deep inside that I cannot express outwardly sometimes. Here is the video just incase you want to listen.

The Shifting Universe

I believe that when we are too rigid the universe is not able to bend and move to our requests. It just kills the creativity of the universe when you have too much of an “idea” of exactly the way you want things to go in your mind. The purpose of this 30 day living from the heart is to just follow my instincts. Where ever they may lead me. I can desire and ask for things, but there has to be some flexibility in order for the universe to deliver. I believe there are answers. So my work during this process is to get in sync with the ease and flow of my well-being.

In Closing

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are answers out there. I also learned something else that is very important. Don’t wait until you are aggravated and annoyed with your day to try to get into a good mood. Do it early. Wake up and get yourself in a good mood. Right from the jump. You can start with meditation, a nice run, or even journaling. Do whatever you can to start your day on the right track.

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Day 1: Living From The Heart

Day 1

Getting Use To This

Like any new project, idea, or beginning, things take some time getting used to. When I first started the day it felt very normal. You know the usual routine, get up – eat breakfast – wash – get dressed – etc. Everything was normal during the first half of the day. The purpose of this |||30 Day Living From The Heart||| challenge is not to change what I am doing, but how I think.

I started the day by painting and listening to music. I must say that music, especially from the genres that I enjoy the most, is very uplifting. No matter what kind of mood you are in, listening to music can lift your spirits right away.

Here are a few of the videos that I have on my music playlist.


I even tried writing some poetry. Sometimes we can’t express what we want to say in simple terms. Perhaps we have secrets that we don’t want shared or things that we are too afraid to acknowledge. Those things stay buried inside. Eating away at you until you find a way to release them. Here is a small part of the poem that I created today. I got to write freely about something that has been bothering me for a while. Here is a small part of that poem. The poem is titled {Sweet Vanilla}.

Words cannot define how it feels to be trapped in its elusive – intrusive presence. While feeling so guilty inside. Indulge, it says. No I can’t. Its stare is penetrating and it demands… my attention, my affection, my love, and misdirection. All because of its beautiful scent. Its highly, erotically, manipulatively deceptive.

Change Of Mood

Some days I get extremely tired. The fact that I get drained is written all over my face at times. My intention for the day was to keep myself in high spirits no matter what. I was talking to someone today and they said to me,” You seem really happy. Your spirit is high.” I smiled because I deliberately wanted to be in higher spirits today and I guess it showed. His comment was confirmation that my energy shifted a bit. The only advice that I can give to people trying to sync with the flow of their true nature is to just take it one day at a time. Step by step. No more – no less.

Spiral Of Desire

I decided to write down all the things I want in my life. They say once you write it down it in some way makes things tangible. You can see it and remind yourself of what’s important to you. I decided to make two spirals. A beautiful love life and passionate work are very important to me. Here are the two spirals that I made. The purpose of this is to just get you in the flow of what you would like in your life regardless of what subject you are referring to.

Small Insight

I did receive a small flash of insight today. I read a quote today:

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. {Buddha}

I don’t know why that particular quote stuck out to me. I started thinking about all the times that I do my best to pamper someone else, put all my effort into making sure my books are presentable, prepare dinner to serve to others, and worry about what others will think or feel by what I say. It never dawned on me that life is just trying to show me: the same attention, love, and courtesy that you give to them – give to yourself. I don’t know why that never occurred to me. That message rang loud and clear.

We too often give others the benefit of the doubt, stress ourselves out to make other people happy, and jump hurdles to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of and not offended by what we say or do. How often do we give that same courtesy to ourselves, deliberately? It’s almost like we have to be tricked into giving love to ourselves sometimes. We have to wait until some holiday, or until we finish school, land a job, or get seen in the public eye to really appreciate ourselves. How about all that love that you show to others, you turn just a little bit back in your own direction? It was just interesting because I know that I have heard people say many times to love yourself, but for some reason that quote just stood out to me today.

In Closing

Today was okay. I made it the best that I could, and I am looking forward to tomorrow being even better. I plan on going to sleep to the soothing sounds of nature mixed with soft music. That helps me get a jump start on the next day. Good night all! Sweet dreams and blessings!

My request to the universe tonight: I would like to be a part of something exciting, meaningful, and heartwarming.

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