The Energy Of A Man

The Energy Of A Man

There is something about the male energy that makes a woman feel complete.

When a strong man is around, it makes a woman feel like it’s okay to be herself.

She feels safe and protected, adored and loved, confident and wanted.

It’s something about the way that a good man brings the best out of his children, puts a smile on his woman’s face, and keeps her best interest at heart.

He is fearless and bold, tender at times, and respectful.

That’s what a good man is.

When he’s around, you can lay your head to the pillow at night, and know that everything will be sound in the morning.

His stare doesn’t go unnoticed, his magnetism is impossible to ignore, his confidence is alluring, and his smile warms your soul.

It’s the way that he walks, the way that he talks, and the way he stands his ground.

It’s the way that he demands respect, looks after his children, and makes sure that all is well.

He provides an energy that makes it okay to laugh at yourself, that calms a woman’s nerves, and that makes you feel special even when you find something to hate about yourself.

He protects your heart, looks after your soul, and makes it okay – to lose control.

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The Arrogance Of A Ja’Ka Man

Journey Through Sattara

Excerpt From Journey Through Sattara

Chapter 1: Toying With Fire

When Su’Ma first laid eyes on Ne’Ya at the edge of where their territory met, he was mesmerized. He had never witnessed a creature so beautiful, so poised, and so unafraid to be out in the jungle all alone. Ne’Ya pretended not to see Su’Ma. She kept along her side of the territory line and Su’Ma step by step followed her along his. He tried to go back to his normal sport of hunting, but he could not take his eyes off of the beautiful creature. His curiosity got the best of him and he found himself calling out to the forbidden fruit on the opposite side of the jungle.

“Hey,” Su’Ma called out.

Ne’Ya, just as she was taught, continued down the path ignoring Su’Ma.

“Hey you,” Su’Ma called out again in a caveman-like voice.

His persistence grabbed her attention. She stopped and moved her eyes to his rich brown skin tone that matched hers perfectly. His stance was somewhat wild and animalistic. She then moved her eyes to his naturally locked hair that laid against his shoulders. The dotted arch marking across his forehead and the three slashes across his right cheek revealed his place within the Ja’Ka tribe. Royalty and a third-level hunter, she thought to herself.

It took her less than a minute to sum up the rest of the markings on his face. She discovered that day what most of the wounded land animals that ran to her side of the territory line were running from. Even though Su’Ma showed all the signs of a thorough natural hunter at age 15, even he was unpolished at times. Falling for the trickery of the animals that played dead and escaped as soon as he would blink. They would run right into the arms of Ne’Ya and she usually nursed them back to health and sent them on their way.

She had been warned to stay away from the men of the Ja’Ka tribe, especially those who carried the third-level hunter mark. She however, did not sense the trouble that her tribe had warned her about in the past. She couldn’t see the harm in speaking to a boy that held the same number of years as she did. She could sense that he wasn’t out to hurt her and answered his call.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Why are you out here alone?” he replied.

“Why are you out here alone?” she answered back.

“I am a male. You’re a female. Females cannot protect themselves out in the jungle alone. You cannot defend yourself against an enemy,” he arrogantly replied.

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