101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017


Can You Believe 2016 Is Almost Over?

It flew by ~ for me. How about you?

I look at my son nowadays and ask myself, where did the time go? He’s two years old already! It feels like just yesterday I was headed to the hospital to give birth to him. It’s been two years, and he’s grown so much.

It also feels like “we blinked” and this year was over.

For 2016, My Core Desired Feelings A.K.A CDFs Were:


Aligned: Meaning One With My True Spirit

Fulfilled: Meaning Satisfied With Where I Directed My Energy

& Overflowing: Meaning So Fulfilled That My Joy Spilled Over

Danielle LaPorte, the creator of The Desire Map & the creator of core desired feelings, has inspired me so much. From her truthbombs, to her wisdom, to her giving heart ~ she truly has helped me on my journey. So it’s a joy for me to share this list with you.

I’ve Put Together A List Of 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017.

If you’ve started to think about your CDFs already ~ here’s a little help for you. As you’re reading the list ~ it may spark something within. Let me know which ones you resonate with.

Here Are 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017

  • 1 Intentional
  • 2 Valued
  • 3 Guided
  • 4 Flexible
  • 5 Relevant
  • 6 Prosperous
  • 7 Welcomed
  • 8 Magnetic
  • 9 Capable
  • 10 Heart-Reaching
  • 11 Overflowing
  • 12 Untangled
  • 13 Emergent
  • 14 Beaming
  • 15 Radiant
  • 16 Weightless
  • 17 Connected
  • 18 Strong
  • 19 Expansive
  • 20 Free
  • 21 Transformed
  • 22 Purposeful
  • 23 Easy-Going
  • 24 Light-Hearted
  • 25 Ready
  • 26 Receptive
  • 27 Creative
  • 28 Organic
  • 29 Masterful
  • 30 Fluid
  • 31 Electric
  • 32 Majestic
  • 33 Unstoppable
  • 34 Limitless
  • 35 Gracious
  • 36 Infinite
  • 37 Cosmic
  • 38 Graceful
  • 39 Unforgettable
  • 40 Fluent
  • 41 Conscious
  • 42 Open
  • 43 Sensual
  • 44 Grounded
  • 45 Rooted
  • 46 Attractive
  • 47 Generous
  • 48 Magical
  • 49 Trailblazing
  • 50 Ecstasy
  • 51 Euphoric
  • 52 Intuitive
  • 53 Cleansed
  • 54 Expressive
  • 55 Vivacious
  • 56 Joyous
  • 57 Nourished
  • 58 Crowned
  • 59 Home
  • 60 Welcoming
  • 61 Peaceful
  • 62 Compassionate
  • 63 Inspiring
  • 64 Electrifying
  • 65 Influential
  • 66 Passionate
  • 67 Flourishing
  • 68 Tuned-In
  • 69 Effervescent
  • 70 Shimmering
  • 71 Starry-Eyed
  • 72 Dreamy
  • 73 Lavish
  • 74 Zest
  • 75 Blossoming
  • 76 Affluent
  • 77 Clever
  • 78 Warm-Hearted
  • 79 Warm
  • 80 Glowing
  • 81 Fascinating
  • 82 Mesmerizing
  • 83 Liberated
  • 84 Golden
  • 85 Elevated
  • 86 Luscious
  • 87 Insightful
  • 88 Feisty
  • 89 Enterprising
  • 90 Assertive
  • 91 Hired
  • 92 Blessed
  • 93 Adorned
  • 94 Showered
  • 95 Brilliant
  • 96 Proactive
  • 97 Imaginative
  • 98 Expectant
  • 99 Philanthropic
  • 100 Lucrative
  • 101 Timeless

Well There You Have It – 101 Core Desired Feelings For 2017

That’s quite the list, right?

So tell me, which ones above resonate with you?

Some Of My Favorites Are:

  • Cosmic
  • Welcomed
  • & Light-Hearted

I haven’t narrowed down my top 3 (for 2017) yet, but they’ll come to me.

I have a little tip for you that may help you decide your CDFs easier.

Pick the 3 areas of your life that are the most important to you, and then pick a feeling for each area of life. That will be your 3 Core Desired Feelings for 2017.

I hope this list helps you align with how you want to feel. Setting an intention is so powerful & so important. Decide how you want to feel, and move in the direction of it.

Live Well & Keep Creating!

Renee B.

Intuitive Guide

Share Your Truth

Which feelings (from the list above) inspire you?

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Who’s Your “Yes”?


Have you ever come across an individual whose presence and work just speaks to your soul?

If so, that person is your “YES”.

Your “YES” is a person that gives you permission to be yourself. Why? Because that person is a walking, living, breathing example of the kind of person you want to be. His or her artistry inspires you and makes you feel alive.

Think about it for a moment. What kind of person do you really want to be? What speaks to your soul? Besides the fancy cars, shoes, and other glittery things – what do you desire deep within you? What are your core values?

Security? Freedom? A Place To Call Home? Connection?

Sometimes we don’t even know what we truly desire until another comes along showing us exactly what our “YES” is.

So I want to know, who’s your “Yes”?

Who’s an example of the kind of person you want to be, has the life you want to live, and inspires you to the depths of your soul?

I met a person today, and when I say met – I mean that my intuition led me to Danielle LaPorte’s website. This entire post was inspired by one #truthbomb that she had on her website.


My soul was then struck by two more #truthbombs.

http://www.daniellelaporte.com/ http://www.daniellelaporte.com/

My spirit just jumped for joy! I scrolled through the rest of her #truthbombs, and I couldn’t believe what I had found. I mean her presence, her demeanor, her depth, her passion, and everything rang right through me. It was as if the heavens opened up and sang “ahhhhhhhh”. Let me tell you something – if you haven’t been to her website – you need to go. After you’re done reading this post of course (hahahaha).

After I clicked through each of her sections in awe, I settled down and thought to myself – I am, what I found. Her passion, her insight, her wisdom, her beauty, and her grace – all of those things are within me. I desire to strike someone’s spirit the way that she struck mine.

Danielle LaPorte Is My “YES”

Danielle LaPorte

Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur

She’s my “YES” because she’s raw, honest, personable, & passionate.



Lisa Price Is My “YES”

Lisa Price

Founder Of Carol’s Daughter

She’s my “YES” because she’s creative, beautiful, inspiring, & followed her dreams.



Shantell Martin Is My “YES”

Shantell Martin

Visual Artist

She’s my yes because she’s edgy, divinely inspired, & makes a living drawing on everything.



Lou Niestadt Is My “YES”

Lou Niestadt

Author | Illustrator

She’s my yes because she works from home, loves her family, & creates from the heart.



Marie Forleo Is My “YES”

Marie Forleo

Best-Selling Author | Mentor | Creator Of MarieTV

She’s my yes because she’s cool, confident, & teaches others how to create the life they love.



So spill it – who’s your “YES”?

Go to the top of the post and click “leave a comment” to reveal who your “YES” is. If you prefer to post a response on your own blog, just add the words “Who’s Your Yes” somewhere in the post and link back to this post.

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Thanks for reading!

finished-heart Nay