Inner Work – The Part Of Ourself That Blocks Our Blessings

Blocking Your Blessings

I was studying one of my dreams, and it pointed me in the direction of something that I need to face within myself.

I’m sure alot of you face this same issue from time to time.

We all want the best out of life, we pray for more blessings, for healing, and to have our spirits uplifted, but we sometimes don’t realize that we block the very things we are praying for.

I mean, how comfortable have you gotten with telling yourself you can’t do something, it can’t be that easy, or that you don’t have the support you need? We stay wrapped in that frame of mind so much that when the blessings do come, we can’t recognize them.

When you are angry, upset, or feeling down – the last thing that you want to hear is some Pollyanna Princess or Mr. Do Good telling you to let things go or to cheer up. Their messages are so clear and they give you a direct route to the answers that you have been seeking, but you are in such a bad mood sometimes that you don’t even realize what’s being spoken – so clearly.

Have you ever been there?

We must understand that our prayers are always being answered – always. We just aren’t attuned to hearing the solutions all of the time.

An answer to one of your prayers could be as simple as someone saying,


Think of how many times you have listened to a positive quote for a minute and then your mind switched back to all of the reasons why you couldn’t honor that positive quote. Your responses may sound something like this, “I’m too tired, I’ve tried everything, I’ve prayed endlessly, I’ve done this, this, and that, I see no future for me.”

Just Stop For A Minute!

Recognize what you are doing…

Someone said to you as clear as day, “Just believe in yourself”.

That’s it. That was your only task. It was the answer, and you took a different route, backpedalled through your past, and then drew the conclusion that the “positive talk” was bullshit because you attracted a situation that confirmed all the negative thoughts you were thinking.

If you would have turned those negative thoughts around and really believed in yourself, you would have attracted a different circumstance, and then your conclusion would have been completely different.

Someone calls you beautiful, and you shy away from the compliment. Someone leaves a nice comment on one of your pages, and you wonder what their “real” intention is for leaving such nice words. Someone offers you help, and you think it’s because they want or need something from you.

Why is it so difficult for us to just accept our goodness and our answers without the idea that something is going to go wrong, someone is out to get me, or this feeling won’t last long?

Why is it so hard for us to believe that we are the right person for the job, we are at the right place at the right time, and the resources to support us will line up once we get comfortable with that knowing?

Maybe someone stripped your joy away in the past. So you hold on so tight to certain things because you don’t believe that you are powerful enough or worthy enough to attract more things that bring you joy. Or perhaps someone told you that you would never make it. So you get the impulse to try something new, and then give up before it even has wings strong enough to fly.

You have to realize that there is higher part of you wanting nothing more than to link you with your goodness, power, and potential. But how many times do we repress this spirit because we don’t believe what it’s trying to tell us?

The bottom line is this…

If you have been asking, wishing, hoping, and praying for something, your answers are being delivered to you right here – right now.

Believe In Yourself

I didn’t say conjure old ideas about yourself. I didn’t say phone a friend to see if they agree. I didn’t say check with your brother, mother, or sister to see what their opinions are about you. I said, believe in yourself.

That means you have to find ways to honor and respect the totality of who you are, feel comfortable with who you are, and feel confident with the palette of life that has been laid before you. There is an infinite space of potential that we all have access to.

Anything can be created from the infinite – anything!

Set your true self free.

Thanks for reading!

heart Nay

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Inner Work – The Work That Really Matters


I Just Had A Huge Revelation

I am telling you – if you haven’t started working with your dreams – it’s time!

I never imagined that when I sat down to decode a fairly simple dream about a small ranch house, tucked away from the street, surrounded by trees, with an office inside, that I would uncover a deep hidden fear of mine.

I got the notion today to look at my dream as my inner landscape. Immediately I saw myself as the house – tucked away – in the back – secret – away from visitors and people. I went a little deeper into the dream landscape and noticed there was an office inside. There was a lady sitting at the desk – doing a job that she hated to do.

As I explored this dream imagery, I realized that lady was me. She was me sitting in a position that I hate. I can’t stand the corporate world, but I never quite understood why until I decoded my dream literally just a half an hour ago.

I Followed My Impulses To Dig Deeper

As I explored each dream symbol, I realized that the dream was directly pointing towards my feelings towards work. You know – being in the rat race, listening to a boss, following directions.

As I trusted my instincts and wrote candidly about what I felt about each symbol, a whirlwind of emotion started to rise from me.

I followed the emotions and I asked myself – what is this about? Why the tears? Why so much tension in the body? I listened to my inner voice, my heart, my soul, and it cried out with an answer.

A Little Background

For those of you who don’t know me, I up and quit my job almost 4 years ago. I didn’t feel like I left out of anger, I just left because I felt it was the right thing for me to do at the time. I no longer felt like I belonged there.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do – trust me…

Anyway to keep a long story short, anytime I even thought about returning to the corporate world, I shut down completely. I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of it. I wanted to instead, go with my heart and passion of writing and exploring other possibilities outside of the corporate realm. My efforts to produce a business and make a living writing – failed, and I couldn’t understand why. I was (in my mind), doing what I believed I was called to do.

But through doing my inner work I could tell that something was just not right. There is no way that I was just meant to work under someone else’s rules and be a key component to someone else’s dreams, but when it came to mine – I couldn’t express it? The whole idea just didn’t feel right to me.

By Blocking What I Hated – I Blocked Everything

I hadn’t realized that I was holding something deep inside that has hindered my entire flow of abundance.

When you shut down and lock up the most sacred parts of yourself – you shut it off to everything – even the blessings that are trying to come your way.

I was writing down all the stuff I felt about every symbol and when I got to explaining why I don’t like the corporate life, I started bawling. I could barely contain myself. I blurted out,

I Don’t Want To Be Evaluated Anymore!

Man, when I said that… the tears poured out even harder.

What A Huge “Aha” Moment

If you can understand the place that I came from, you can understand why that one sentence meant everything in that moment.

As a child I had to be perfect. I couldn’t bring home anything less than a B. I couldn’t so much as even spill a drink without being reprimanded. Every moment I was being watched, evaluated, compared to someone else.

Even in the jobs that I had taken there were mid-year reviews, end of the year reviews, progress reports, sales reports, and endless ways that they could track your every fault and failure. I can’t handle that kind of pressure and evaluation.

Especially since on paper, I may not look like anything to you. On paper, without any degrees and no real training I may seem like nothing. I may only seem like I am qualified to run your errands or get your coffee – to basically be what you tell me to be or do what you tell me to do. But, I am so much more than that.

What I Learned

Coming to that realization felt like magic. It felt like 5000 pounds of pressure lifted off of me.

You see, I thought that I was just being stubborn, and even sometimes talked down to myself for holding on so doggedly to this idea of “stepping out on my own”, but now that I know why (from a deeper perspective), I can start to adjust some of my thoughts inside to allow what I really prefer to start flowing.

I also learned that if I take a step back from all of those emotions I held in, I can see that every job may not be looking to just evaluate you based on how you look on paper.

There may be a space more suited for me. Some place where they can feel who I am energetically. They can see my heart and that I am dedicated. They can see my true gifts and talents.

Once I open to that possibility and stop shutting down anything that even resembles “work”, I will start to let other opportunities that fit me – flow.

I still want to do my own thing, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Holding a grudge in my heart however, is not the way to let those other opportunities that I am looking for in.

In Closing

Man, I feel so much relief right now. I have always been interested in the self and self-discovery. To some people that may seem like a conceited path to pursue, but I am telling you, once you realize how you act, what you are, and how it creates your world (through experience), you can then go and share what you learned with others.

In addition to working with my dreams, I also went to my second home (the library) and got a few books on creativity.

I swear I think my heart and the angels are working with me to clear some major blocks. I am deeply appreciative. Without my “nosy” nature, I would have never dug this deep and would have never found what lied behind all of that frustration.

I am currently reading The Vein of Gold (A Journey To Your Creative Heart) by Julia Cameron and Setting Your Heart On Fire by Raphael Cushnir. Working with these two books and my dreams is leading me in the right direction.

I am so happy that I am able to share this insight with you all.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Dreams are a doorway to the soul. It takes some work to get to the core of things, but it is soooo worth it. If you are interested in learning more about your dreams, head on over to my Soul Guidance Dreams website and check it out.

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