Evicting The Old Hag From Your Subconscious Mind

I know you’ve met her.

The old hag that lives in your subconscious mind, or if you are a man, the stubborn old energy that refuses to yield to your requests.

Imagine that this stubborn energy occupies a room in your subconscious. The shades are always drawn allowing no light to steep in.

She refuses to change, adapt, or grow.

Every answer is a no, you tried that, this won’t work, or who are you kidding?

What a stubborn, seemingly immovable, problematic energy.

You’ve grown use to her. You think that she doesn’t affect how you think or what you attract into your life, but she does. You don’t know that she turns away opportunities at the door, scares the hell out of your inner creative child, and leaves you feeling down and out for no reason at all.

It’s time to evict this old stubborn energy.

Imagine that you enter her room. It’s dark, I know, because she doesn’t allow any light in, but you are aware of her tricks – so you have a flash light (a willingness to explore and change this energy) ready. All it takes is a swift push of the curtains, and consistent redirecting of negative energy to make her disappear. She hates the light, so as soon as you allow the sunlight (optimism) to shine fully, she will surely pack up her bags and go.

She hasn’t moved out because you didn’t know how to get rid of her. She made you believe that she would never leave, causing you to abandon your heart’s plans, and turn away from what called you forward, but you are aware of her now.

Open those shades, and send her out. It’s time to clean house.

There are some other characters we need to evict as well.

Evicting these stubborn energies will free up plenty of space to start allowing your key players to move in.

Stay tuned…

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I Sense Overwhelm – How Many Roles Are Crying Out For Your Attention?


I Had A Dream Last Night That Got Me Thinking About My Journey Into The Unknown.

As some of you know, I have been working on exploring newer, fuller, richer opportunities for myself.

I have taken steps to see a world unfold that I never even dreamed of when I was younger. This exploration of the self, exploring my goodness, and what I could potentially be, are all very new ideas for me.

With That Said, I Feel Like I Am Being Pulled In 100 Different Directions.

I am trying to be a good mother, a good wife, trying to write my next book, run a soul guidance business, and still trying to do my inner work so that I can grow to be the best person that I can be. That’s alot of damn hats to wear. But I can’t give up on my dreams because they are calling me.

I have never been so close to so many possibilities, and I must admit that it scares the hell out of me.

Especially since I feel I am doing it alone. I mean I have support, don’t get me wrong, but alot of my family and friends don’t really support my dream. They support me, but they just don’t really get this whole “want to be a writer” and “soul guidance counselor” type thing. They just don’t get it, and therefore they don’t support it as much as I would like them to.

I don’t blame them though. People have their own lives to live. They can barely navigate their own waters, let alone try to help someone that is wayyyyyyy out there in the ocean, and that has thrown away the oars (lost her mind). That is what they probably think about me chasing what they believe to be a “pipe dream”.

I Almost Followed Someone Else’s Idea Of A Dream The Other Day.

Bless her heart, my sister said to me the other day, “why don’t you become an accountant?” She asked me that question because I was helping her with her taxes – which was a polite way to say, why don’t you get a real job and start making some real money. 

The funny part about that story is that I actually considered it for a minute…

How About You?

How many different roles do you play? How many things right now are crying for your time and attention? Do you feel like you are trying to follow your dreams with little to no support? Does it overwhelm you sometimes – like it does to me?

My Dream Last Night Showed Me My Fears So Clearly.

In the dream I was on this beautiful cliff in Antigua about to plunge into this beautiful multi-colored ocean, but the drop was 100+ feet down. I thought I was going to die in the dream so I just stood there on the cliff paralyzed by fear.

Many different thoughts ran through my mind. What if I can’t swim? What if I can’t breathe? What if I am not strong enough to pull myself back up once I plunge into the water?

Isn’t That How It Goes When We Are Getting Ready To Take The Leap Into Different Parts Of Our Experience?

When we’re getting ready to accept a new job or new opportunities, when we are leaving the old stuff behind and moving into the unknown, or when we simply change our minds and move in a different direction.

Fear paralyzes us, and we remain stuck or overwhelm sets in and we feel that we cannot fulfill all these different roles we are being called to play. There are a few things that I want to remind you (and myself) of, because we do have our own answers. The only problem is, we don’t believe that we have the right answers sometimes or we aren’t taking the time to implement small changes that could make a world of difference.

So Here Are The Reminders

  • Your desires and dreams matter, and you do not have to push them to the side.
  • There is space for all (your family, your desires, relationship wise, etc).
  • Don’t penalize yourself for wanting all aspects of your life to work (the relationship aspect, the financial aspect, or the artistry aspect).
  • We were created to express many different parts of ourself at once.
  • We can decide to marry (commit fully) to those things we love, and divorce (withdrawal our time and attention) from the things that we do not love or care for.
  • If you are overwhelmed you can stop for a while. When you return, take baby steps. You don’t have to complete or get everything right all at one time. Stop thinking you have to do everything all at once.
  • That “have to finish everything right now” mentality is a perfectionist mindset. Staying in that kind of mindset leaves no room for you to breathe, no room for you to change your mind, or commit errors, and learn from your missteps. Staying in that perfectionist mindset is the quickest way to get yourself overwhelmed.
  • Fear is natural, but there is a new you on the other side of fear. Work on standing up for yourself and your dreams little by little. Say yes a little more, and criticize yourself for wanting more – a little less.

Learn To See Your Roles Differently

You obviously are a valuable asset in all of the roles that you play. You just gotta try not to overwhelm yourself with thoughts of being perfect in each role. There is time and space for each one of your dreams. As a matter of fact, all the roles you play, have the potential to bring out the best in you – you just have to see it in that way.

Your not being asked to be perfect. You are being asked to just be yourself – in all aspects of your life – as fully as you know how.

Another Reminder

You have your own answers. You know what you love and what you want to invest your time and energy into. Do more of that, and less of what you don’t want to do.

Be Patient

It takes time to cultivate new habits. Especially when you are doing something as scary as following your dreams.

It takes a step here and a step there, faith here and readjusting there, a leap here and holding out there.

There’s no set pattern, but you can find a rhythm that brings you into harmony with all the aspects of your life that you care about the most. Focus on bringing harmony to the elements that you care about the most. It’s not quantity – it’s quality.

When you are with your kids – be with them fully. When you are working on your art – be with it fully. When you are doing the dishes – be with that fully. It takes times to develop the habit of staying in the present moment, but you can do it. I’m rooting for you to be fulfilled in all areas of your life!

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Break Any Addiction


Living From The Heart Day 9

I like coffee; I really do, but some people cannot live without it.

Coffee is not my drug of choice.

Coca Cola Is What I Was Addicted To

There really is no difference between coffee and coke. You, the coffee drinker and I, the coca cola drinker have a bad habit. I know how it feels to reach for that substance that gives you the feeling that you want. It’s instant gratification, pure bliss, love in a can, or a coffee cup – in your case. Indulging is not a bad thing when done every once in a while, it’s when you can’t sleep without thinking about that thing, person, or substance that there’s a problem. It’s when you start giving that substance or person the power to make you happy that there’s a problem.

When coffee, drugs, soda, lovers, etc become an obsession, it’s probably about time to admit there is a problem.

Getting To The Heart Of Addiction

To put it plan and simple, when we are addicted to something, it’s not the substance that we are reaching for. It’s the feeling it gives us.

Think about the lover you know is no good for you, but you keep going back to him or her. Think about waking up at 7 am and reaching for the bottle of Whiskey that you left on the counter from the night before. Think about those 4 cups of coffee that you drink during the day. All these things have something in common. They are temporary fillers.

In order to nip addiction in the butt you have to ask yourself.

What feeling is this substance giving me, that I feel I cannot conjure within myself?

You are saying to yourself – I cannot conjure this feeling without this substance. The substance is just a symbol for a need that is not being met internally. People always say to look within. I must admit, that very phrase use to drive me mad. What the hell are you talking about… look inside? Do you know how many times I’ve closed my eyes and saw blackness. I didn’t find anything there damn it.

I’m being a little dramatic, but you get the point.

Looking Within

My interpretation of look inside means instead of reaching for someone or something to fulfill you from the external world, you have to find the qualities within yourself that make you feel valuable, powerful, satisfied, and alive. I use to reach for coca cola when I was stressed. It was something about popping that can open and feeling the instant relief from the fuzzy suds hitting my throat. I just love it. However, the underlying cause of me reaching for that substance was me wanting to feel relief.

Now why couldn’t I conjure up the feeling of relief without that soda? Maybe I was being too hard on myself and all I had to do was forgive a situation that I may have been going through. That would be conjuring the feeling of relief within. I wouldn’t have felt the tension and then I wouldn’t have had to reach for the substance to satisfy that temporary negativity.

Addiction could be in another form too – how about being addicted to holding onto the past. For some reason we find it so hard to forgive ourselves. We take it hard that someone has hurt us or left us. We, as in human beings, get hurt so easily. This hurt and pain give us the reasons to believe we are less desirable, unwanted, unfulfilled, stressed, and powerless. Those unwanted feelings then cause us to reach for something that we think we want instead of addressing the unmet need inside. Think about being overweight. We are using the weight to hold onto something from the past that hurt us. Why accept that weight as an excuse not to love yourself. That behavior stems from us holding onto something someone said or did to us. That too is an addiction. I am not saying that everyone who is overweight is refusing to let go of something, I am just saying that there are a lot of people who are.

I Am Here To Say – It’s Time To Let It Go

Whatever the addiction may be.


If you mess up. So what, try again. Don’t put too much thought into it. Understand what addiction is. Understand that you have the power within you to fulfill yourself by your internal thoughts, by conjuring feelings of worthiness and power, by seeing the good in yourself even when your “inner critic” calls you a little devil.

I am not saying not to indulge or get what you want. I am saying that it shouldn’t be an obsession, a distraction, or a temporary filler. There is a way to fulfill yourself without reaching for an external substance or circumstance. There is value inside of us to discover. There are parts of us that we don’t know about yet. There are pieces of our puzzle that have yet to be found. It’s such a bigger high to dig within and find internal value than to give credit to something that had very little to do with the equation at all. There is so much value within. We are more than we “think” we are. There is a way to fall so in love with yourself that you will never need a substance to make you “feel” a certain way again.

Everything is energy. Everything! The next time you reach for your drug of choice – be it soda, coffee, a lover, etc – ask yourself… Am I using this as an excuse not to look within?


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