Gratitude: What Are You Grateful For?


Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday.

I love being in the kitchen cooking, tweaking recipes, and feeding my family. It really is a joy to me.

I must admit, it’s not always easy to cook with a toddler running around, but I still love it.

Now I get to hear, “what’s that” everytime I take a can out of the cabinet or “here you gwo (toddler language for go) as my toddler helps me put stuff in the fridge. He’s someone that I am sooooooo grateful for.

I’m Also Grateful For…

  • Having everything that we need this holiday season
  • For my creativity and imagination
  • For the chance to make things better ~ everyday
  • For making it through difficult times
  • For being able to shed old skin (old beliefs and fears)
  • For anyone who has ever supported me or believed in my dreams (shout out to my hubby) – and if you – the reader has believed in me – thank you
  • For God, my spirit guides, and all who have helped me on this journey through life
  • For any moments of peace, joy, laughter, heartfelt harmony, connection, authenticity, and the list goes on and on

So How About You? What Are You Grateful For?

Go ahead and leave a little something in the comments to let us know.

If you’re someone who has had a rough year, and you’re finding it hard to find things to be grateful for, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you and say, “I understand ~ I’ve been there”. 

Life gets rough sometimes, and I am not going to just say ~ think about all the people who are worse off than you. I think that that’s insensitive and it doesn’t help.

So, to those of you finding it hard to find something to feel grateful for (this holiday season), here’s a little tip for you.

  • Get yourself a little notebook and label it “good things”. Everytime you have a good experience, everytime you smile, everytime something is funny, or you feel joy/happiness – write it down in your notebook.

When you’re having a hard time finding things to be grateful for, just open up that notebook and read it back to yourself. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

I Hope That Little Tip Helps.

Well, I’m getting ready to go start prepping for Thanksgiving. I just wanted to reach out and say ~ have a great time with your friends and family. For those of you rolling your eyes at the thought of being together ALL DAY with your friends and family ~ TRY to have a great time. I know how family drama can get (lol).

My wish for you is that you have some awesome experiences this holiday that fill you with so much gratitude.

Live Well & Keep Creating!

Renee B.

Creator Of Spirit & Muse

Share Your Truth

What are some of the things that you are grateful for today?

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Spontaneous Expression: The Route Home


No matter how lost you are – there’s always a route home. The journey may be dark sometimes. You may be scared and not know which direction you are traveling. You may have to stop and ask for help along the way. Doubt may creep in and yes despair may too.

The journey may seem like it takes forever, and forever’s too long to bear. They’ll be days you want to give up and crawl along side the road and die. But then they’ll be hope. You’ll notice a small sign. A guidepost or something that looks familiar, and even if it’s not the direct route – you’ll feel a moment of optimism.

You’ll smile because you know that you are close. You’ll slow down and sniff around. You’ll start to believe in your intuition again.

Then you’ll meet someone – because of your faith. Someone who knows most of the roads. Someone who has a great sense of direction. Someone who loves that you chose to wander out so far – even though you had not the slightest clue where you were going.

That someone will then say, “where’s home?” And as you describe it, their face will light up. Why? Because they know of the place you describe. They actually passed it on their way to their destination not too long ago.

Then you’ll get in their car and ride. You’ll be buckled in safely and along the way you will have heartfelt conversations, belly tightening laughs, and sing alongs. You won’t even realize the time that went by. It may be two days or even a week, but then one day when you’re fast asleep, your friend will nudge you. You’ll open your eyes to the inviting sun that’s beaming through the window.

Warmth will fill your heart when you look at the place that you wanted to be for so long. You can see the fireplace through picturesque window. Someone you love will open the door. Not because they know exactly who the car outside belongs to, but because they know in their soul that it’s you.

You’ll thank the willful traveler that brought you the rest of the way. You’ll embrace them and say, “you’re an angel” and know you can never repay them, but that’s okay because they were looking for someone to help anyway.

You’ll say your good-byes and step out the car and walk right towards a very warm “welcome home”.

finished-heart Nay

Dear Under-Appreciated Mom



{A Love Letter To All The Moms Who Feel Unappreciated}

I am coming to you from the hearts of your children and your husbands. From the hearts of those who don’t tell you how special you are. This letter is from the heart of them – to the heart of you. {Love Renee}


{From Your Child or Children}

Dear Under-Appreciated Mom,

I want to take this moment in time to say… 

You Are Appreciated

I know you get tired of cleaning and running and cooking all the time. I know that you worry all day long about our safety and security. I know even when you tuck us in the tightest, you still are thinking of ways to make life even more comfortable for us. 

I know that you long to keep us as babies forever. To see the joy in our eyes when you walk in the room. I am here to tell you mom, if you haven’t seen that joy – don’t take it personal. It’s not you. 

The world is difficult for us sometimes. You mom, are the only one that gives us hope sometimes. We are spoiled with your love. The truth is, we are looking for the world to comfort us like you do. To hold us like you do. To care for us like you do, and when the world doesn’t do that, we take it kind of hard.

I want to say…

I’m Sorry

{From Your Husband}

To my wife, who is stronger than anyone I know. I love you with all of my heart. You are a good mother even though I don’t say it all the time. You are not only a contributor to the household you are the rock on which our house was built. I see you look into our child’s eyes sometimes and I only wish you could look at me that way. I know, it’s selfish, but you don’t know how it feels to receive that kind of love from you. 

I ask you my wife, to be patient with me. Even when I don’t show my appreciation – I ask that you to remember this note. This note that was scripted from the heart of me and sent through a messenger. A messenger who wrote down the words I couldn’t say. A messenger who knew how I really felt regardless of what I tell you. When you feel under-appreciated, try to remember all the reasons you fell in love with me and our child/children. 

We don’t mean for you to feel under-appreciated. We sometimes don’t know how to give you the love, compliments, and praise that you are worth. You are big and we need you. So remember this letter if ever you shall forget. 


Your Family