An Unusual Love

An Unusual Love

Publication: May 2012

Format: Read For Free Online (PDF)

Content Rating: “R” – For 17 and Older

Excerpt: I remember the street being lined with protestors and supporters alike. One side was overcrowded with people who were against the idea of our relationship. Raising their fists’ in the air, screaming words of hate, and behaving erratically for reasons I still cannot fully understand. I couldn’t understand exactly what I had done wrong or why people were so enraged. To me, my choice to be with David really didn’t have anything to do with anyone else. Some people apparently thought differently. I wondered to myself what in the world would cause so many people to gather outside of the media station that day? I mean, what would cause so many people to stand outside and protest or support the lives of two people they barely even knew?

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