What Is Your Purpose?

This video is so good. If you have ever been confused about your purpose, or your path, or what direction to take, this is the video for you!

This video is me (Renee B), translating the energy of my spirit guides known as Ray.

It’s so good! I hope you enjoy it.

heart Nay

Receive Guidance From Ray


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Purpose?

  1. I love this!! I watch a lot of Oprah Super Soul, She speaks a lot about these types of feeling and connecting the dots in your life and listening. I went to the Oprah Live your Best Life Weekend and that also was themed with the awareness and awakening. Great Post!

    • How great is it, that u went to see Oprah live! That must have been a wonderful experience. It’s so true, sometimes we get caught up in what something looks like, and don’t think enough about if it’s stirring our soul and exciting us. I love the part that says, “can I be myself here?” Cause ultimately, we are looking for opportunities to be more of our true self. Thanks for commenting and for listening. I really do appreciate getting the message across and when people resonate!

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