Writing Prompt Wednesday


Hello Writers,

The three writing prompts for the day (November 12th) are listed below. Choose one of the prompts and post your poem or short story in the “leave a comment” section.

Writing prompts are a great way to practice your writing, share your creations, and to see how other writers think. Remember to add emotions, describe the scenes, use your senses (smell, sight, taste, touch, & hearing), be descriptive, and don’t hold back. 

1. Pick a character/s from any one of your dreams. Describe the character/s in detail. Include how you feel about them, what their purpose was in the dream, what role did they play, or anything else that can get your creative juices flowing. Describe also how the character/s in your dream relate directly to your real life.

2. You’re a writer, and a distressed fan has written you a letter. He or she wants your help with writing a letter to their parents – revealing that they are gay. How do you respond?

3. You’re strolling through the woods one day and come across a trunk. You take the trunk home, open it, and to your surprise it’s filled with items that look very valuable. Along with the valuable items is a letter that looks like it was completed, but never sent. Do you find the person it belongs to or keep the treasure for yourself? Describe the encounter and the feelings that led up to your final decision. 

I chose writing prompt # 2. Read my entry here.

Thank you for checking out Writing Prompt Wednesdays. Click here to share your entry. If you prefer to share your short story or poem on your own blog, just add the words “Writing Prompt Wednesday” to your post and link back to this post.

Ready, Set, Go!

finished-heart Nay


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