The Power Of Introverts


Living From The Heart Day 11

Today’s post from me will be short and sweet. I came across a very uplifting video about the power of introverts today. I just wanted to share this with you because too often us “introverts” go through life thinking that we have to fit into a certain mold. It is the truth. I have experienced it in previous work experiences, schools, and out in the world at large. I can completely relate to this video.

I remember being in a training class about introverts and extroverts in my previous job. The teacher asked, “what are introverts good for?” The guy answered, “nothing, they are pretty much a waste of space.” Wow, what an intelligent and broad opinion that gentleman gave {sarcasm}.

The number one thing that I pulled away from this video is that… It’s Okay To Be Yourself. Sometimes in society I feel our unique “introverted” skills aren’t being given a chance. We are expected to be loud, rowdy, talkative, apart of a team spirit, and take charge leaders when we want nothing more than to find strategies that work, give attention to detail, be compassionate to the deep rooted needs of others, and take care of the things behind the scenes that build strong foundations and loving relationships.

Susan Cain takes this subject and brings light to it in the most beautiful way. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

finished-heart Nay


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