Day 4: Living From The Heart

Day 4

Starting It Off

Today has been pretty nice. I started some new things today, stayed in high spirits, and worked my way through some of my rough patches. I haven’t been able to sleep recently though. That could be the reason why I have been a little moody throughout certain parts of my day. I just cannot seem to fall asleep. I feel sleepy sometimes, but when I go to lay down in my bed all I do is stare up at the ceiling. I huff and puff, look at the current show on the screen, turn in my mate’s direction to make sure he’s still breathing, and then close my eyes attempting again to go to sleep. It just doesn’t work.

I wonder if my mind is just working overtime.


*Brief Rant: Is it just me or is this lie, lay, lain crap getting on your nerves too? Microsoft word doesn’t even know which form to use.*

Back to the subject

My lack of sleep must have been from the excitement of the new site. With that said, I will go into the topic of creation.


Definition Of Creation: The act or process of bringing something to existence.

When I think of creation I think of possibility, the possibility to say something that has never been said before. I think of the possibility to reach a person in a way that they have never been reached before and of the possibility to connect to a powerful presence that waits patiently in the background for you to hear the call.

What do you think of when you think of creation?

What are you inspired to create?

What brings out your most creative moments?

If you have been sitting around waiting for a sign about something that you’ve been pondering here it is…

create something

My Creative Process

  1. First I start out with ideas. My inspiration comes to me in flashes. I will see a picture of something. It’s almost like a short film that plays in my head. Then I’ll hear certain words or phrases that go along with the flashes. Sometimes they are short; whispering, “describe this or imagine that”. Sometimes I will hear a voice, similar to mine, but more confident, whispering long phrases almost like it’s reciting poetry or telling a story. I know in those moments that it’s time for me to write.
  2.  After I have written down the initial idea more ideas will come. Again the information is brief. Usually what you would equate to a short blurb.
  3. Once I have tons of short phrases down on the page, I eliminate the ideas that do not evoke the most emotion from me.
  4. Once those are weeded out, I place the ideas in order like a story. I then have the outline.
  5. The rest usually flows only when I start to write the actual post or story.
  6. I let it flow, edit, find the right images, and then publish.

That’s my creative process.

Everyone is different.

How do you create? What way does inspiration hit you?

The God Energy

You know what is so fascinating to me about creation… Sometimes I may not understand something, but I will go to sleep (when I can) and have the most vivid dreams. My inner being knows me so intimately. It’s so amazing how the God energy will create a dream for me that leads me to the resources that I need to see my visions to fruition. I am working on developing my relationship with that magnificent energy and learning to trust my instincts more.

I am learning that the more I open up to that energy, the stronger my connection gets. The God energy is quite humorous, polite, attentive, and involved. I am astonished with how much patience God has with me.

Even when the critic inside of me “performs her ass off”, God just simply waits for it to settle down, and shows me something in a new light. I love that!

Following Your Impulses

I have learned over the past few days that you can’t jump at every impulse. Sometimes ideas come to you just to give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

I do however, write down most of the ideas that come to me. I don’t always jump into action, but I make sure that I jot it down.

  • Keep a notebook & pen/pencil with you.
  • Never discount an idea – write it down. You may use it later.
  • Take time to look up images and research the idea.
  • Never call your ideas stupid – they may need to evolve, but your ideas are not stupid.
  • Honor your impulses by acknowledging them and saying thank you. The more that you are grateful for what you have, the more it will be shown to you.
  • Do not demonize ideas – they are just ideas, thoughts, remnants of the past, or emotions that need to be expressed in a new way. Try instead to have an open mind about your ideas. If they do not resonate with you simply move on to the next idea that does.

My Newest Space

I love the feel of my new {Writing Heart Tumblr Page}. Stop by when you have a moment to check it out. There will be daily updates. Here is a snap shot of the page.

New Space

In Closing

I want to thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts. Please don’t be shy about leaving comments and/or sharing your own experiences in relation to the post topic. It helps me stay connected and form ideas for new posts in the future. Don’t forget to share and subscribe if you find the information in these articles helpful. Thanks again!

finished-heart Nay


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