The Vision Of A Human Being


From The Heart Of Your Soul To You.

A Poem Titled: The Vision Of A Human Being

If you could understand what it means to be a human being
Then you would know that this life really is just a dream

A dreamer that envisioned
Your life with precision

That understood how your soul
Could add to the light of its vision

The dreamer dreamt of a place
That could never be replaced

A place where imagination would meet with God’s grace

A chance for you see all that God could be
Through the spirit of a human being flowing that knowing… effortlessly

Then some created nations
That overrode the patience
That was in our heart to pace us
Instead we became racist
Against the nature of our being

Breed fear by any means
To keep us from a power that would truly set us free
We let it

God does not regret us
It’s our own thoughts that lead us into hell and never let us

Experience the all
Satisfy the call
Of a God that had a vision
To satisfy us all

Love is who we are
Fear is why we fall
And that lackful perspective you hold
Is the reason why hate shows through this life at all

Rise and meet your light
It’s there for you to take
Your beingness is unique and can never be replaced

The painter doesn’t get mad
At the colors in his hand
God knows how to make a world from just dust and sand

He knows that mistakes are another chance to see
How he could bring together his vision again… effortlessly

So don’t discount your life
Understand you are a piece
Of the vision of God’s love
Played out through this masterpiece

This was written from your soul
For a chance for you to see
That I could never condemn who you are
Because you’re a piece of me

Love God

You are free to use the poem, just please give credit to the author {Renee Brooks}.
P.S. I would love to hear if this poem inspired you in any way. So share, comment, repost, etc. Thanks!



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